Created 52 years ago, La Florida is an organization without for-profit small coffee producers with 821 coffee partners. All members believe that it is vital to care for and support the natural cycle of the earth to have a balanced ecosystem. Although the cooperative is certified as an organic and Fair Trade coffee producer, they are now embarking on a new adventure to apply technology in two different aspects: improving the coffee process and presenting their customers with a transparent way of seeing the product and fair payment to the producer. Process and get to know the people who are part of it.


Located in the Chanchamayo region in northeastern Peru , the cooperative's farms are small (chacras), from 2 to 4 hectares. The cooperative brings together coffee producers from 18 villages. It has two Humedo coffee processing centers in the La Florida town center and another in Eneñas, as well as a collection center in Salsitrabajos. Most farms have Inga and other shaded native forest trees. After yellow rust decreased by more than 70% of production in 2013, the cooperative struggled enormously; But thanks to the tireless efforts of its members, a deep restructuring was carried out in 2017 to encourage the adaptation of new technologies and the strengthening of relationships with clients to understand their needs and respond to their needs.



We actively participate in the comprehensive development of the member, his family and the community through coffee marketing services and industrialized derivatives, in harmony with the environment


By 2021 to be the best socioeconomic alternative for the coffee grower in the central region of the country, being recognized by our clients as the best option in Peru.


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Our Principles

The principles of CAC Florida are the same principles of all cooperatives:

• Open and voluntary membership.

• Democratic member control.

< p style="margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-left: 25px; text-align: justify;">• Economic participation of members.

• Autonomy and independence.

• Education, training and communication.

• Cooperation between cooperatives.

• Commitment to the community.

Our values

As essential to the success of La Florida as ours mission and vision are the values ​​that guide our daily work in the interaction with our clients, partners and staff who participate within and outside the Cooperative, in order to achieve tangible and lasting results. The values ​​of the CAC La Florida that will govern the behaviors of people in the organization are:

• Solidarity

Identification with the interests of the bodies of the cooperative contributing to the fulfillment of its aims and objectives. Contributing with solutions to those who fall into vulnerable conditions.

• Transparency

Produce results with full knowledge of the organization and other civil society actors.

• Commitment

Comply with the objectives, policies, internal standards and CAC values, to increase individual and organizational performance in based on communication, integration, teamwork, as well as development personal and work.

• Respect

Recognition and revaluation of the cultural diversity of the communities to which the partners belong and the interaction with them in a plane of equality.

• Identity

Sense of belonging to the CAC, understanding, respecting and defend the organization in any circumstance.

• Tolerance

Understanding the differences in behavior and results of the actions of human groups, giving them the opportunity to manifest themselves according to their perceptions, needs and expectations.



Cooperative Values

The CAC La Florida establishes that its actions must be conducted according to its objectives with the greatest efficiency, effectiveness and quality management, in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards, in order to deserve the trust of its associates and clients; adopting the following cooperative principles and values ​​that it internalizes in its operation and development.